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Welcome To Florida Fishing Journal

Florida Fishing Journal is an eclectic array of pages I have combined to make your fishing experience the most it can be. If you have questions about a specific species of fish, or would just like to let me know how I can improve this website please use the contact form located on the Contact Florida Fishing Journal page!

Now, to get to who is behind Florida Fishing Journal. My name is Mark Laymon and I have been fishing the waters of Florida since I moved here in 1985. Fishing has been a very large part of my life since I was very young. Growing up in Minnesota and North Dakota I was always close to someplace to fish. Then when I moved to Florida our house was on a canal. (I fished every day) I have fished most of Florida, not always catching, but always enjoying the time I spent on the water.

The reason I have built Florida Fishing Journal is for an easy to use portal for finding products, guides, lodging, and other topics related to fishing the many waters of Florida.

Thanks for taking the time to know a little bit about what makes up Florida Fishing Journal and if you have a topic you would like added please contact me.

Mark @ Florida - Fishing - Journal .com

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